Entertainment Law Review

The Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Review, often referred to as ELR, has been in production since 1981. ELR has established a reputation as the authoritative source of professional and scholarly articles on entertainment, sports, and intellectual property law, and is distinctive among law reviews and legal journals as one of the few scholarly publications dedicated exclusively to legal development in these fields.

ELR’s readership includes leaders in many segments of the entertainment world, including judges, educators, lawyers, agents, managers, and artists. ELR maintains its preeminence in the industry through its close contact and continuing relationships with those at the forefront of legal developments due to its enviable location at the heart of Los Angeles, CA.

ELR is Loyola Law School's most cited law review, having been cited by federal circuit courts and state supreme courts across the country, and The Washington and Lee rankings have consistently recognized it as a Top 15 Entertainment, Arts, and Sports journal.